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RitualWell.org is "the source for innovative, contemporary Jewish ritual." It has lots of information about holidays, daily life, Shabbat, and life cycle milestones such as pregnancy, intimacy, healing, and growing older.

Today at work I saw this website listed as a resource in a pamphlet for Jewish women living with breast cancer. I looked around the website and saw that they had a section on abortion.

Here are some interesting things to read:

Abortion Ritual

Act of Dedication After a Therapeutic Abortion

Even though I, as a Jew, am completely against abortion except for when the mother's life is in immediate danger (which I believe is how most prolifers feel), I love how [some] Jews use these beautiful rituals to acknowledge the pain and loss that come with an abortion. By offering praise to G-d and asking Him to heal and support those involved, friends and family participating in the ritual are able to help the woman through a difficult experience. The life of the child is not completely taken for granted or forgotten, and is mourned like any other death would be. I just found this to be really interesting and thought you all might like to read up on it, too.

*This link gives an overview of the Jewish stance on abortion. It's pretty general and of course there are many different views within the Jewish faith, but this website definitely provides some interesting information.
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